Actors can't even hum a song on screen without permission

                  According  on the  new copyright laws  for   visual  ownership, actors  with   a  film  canN't  hum even  a good  line  coming from   an  old popular song  with no   purchasing  it.

A snatch  of any  popular 'Doli Sajake Rakhna Mehendi Lagake Rakhna' hummed  via  new actress Sayani Gupta  inside  Shonali Bose's highly regarded Margarita  that has a  Straw had  in order to   always be  hastily deleted  because of the  film  on the  last minute. 

According  in order to  sources,  your  snatch  of an  evergreen song  through  Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge escaped  the  film's producers Viacom 18's eyes  AND  ears until  simply  hours  before   your  release. 

Says  an  source, "There  feel   a  last-minute panic  at   the actual  oversight. Viacom18  caused it to be   within  touch  in  Aditya Chopra  which   well informed  them he had  simply no  objection  for the  song-snatch being  considered   throughout  Margarita  that has a  Straw. However,  your  copyrights  of the  song belonged  for you to  Saregama-HMV  that   are generally  known  for you to  quote staggering sums  of   dollars   regarding  permission  to utilize  even  a  line  associated with   it is  songs. Viacom decided  for you to  drop  your  DDLJ line  with   This  last minute rather  than   squat   because of the  panic situation  involving  negotiation." 

Pahlaj Nihlani,  ones  chairperson  of a  censorboard says  your current  days  connected with  unchecked copyright infringement  are  gone. "Forget  anyone   lengthy  antakshari games  with  films.  regardless of whether   you want to   USE  even  sole  line  of any  old song  you might have   to repay  it.  whether or not   you might have   a good  antakshari  throughout  film  you\'ve   to spend  every song  that you  use.  That is  against  your own  law  to use   aesthetic  property  within   virtually any   application   with no   your current  owner's consent."